Happy Hair® The cap, breathable, waterproof, protective for your hair. for acquagym users, wellness, swimming pool and shower | Idea

No more moist or wet hair, thanks to the Happy Hair device!


The use of stretch material plus its soft and roomy shape, is the guarantee of a special comfort that no other cap can give you, plus its few grams weight.


Its special outside surface treatment will let water slip away in a myriad of tiny drops. Inside seams are rubber laser welded to prevent any water infiltration.


A ultra transpiring membrane covering the inside of the cap allows the exit of steam, thus creating a pleasant sensation of fresh and dry .


You can easily hand wash Happy Hair with a neutral soap in cold water. Pay attention not to rub the inside of the cap, so to assure protection of both the waterproofing and breathability of the membrane.


Happy Hair cap is ideal for all water gym activities, as well as thermal baths, and showers. It is not advisable to the use in swimming competitions.

We, at info@happyhaircap.com , will be happy to answer your enquiries.